Depotlab About us


Through the initiatives on our platform, our mission is to work, learn, connect, and grow — both as individuals and as a community.


Our vision is to provide entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups the opportunity to work in an inspiring space, become part of our community, and bring life to their game-changing ideas.


Our Team

Deborah DepotLab

Deborah Vila Oziel

Founder / Space Director

Deborah comes from Andorra, she also has roots in Spain, Morocco, …. We can easily say that she is a citizen of the world and a beautiful mix between all those origins. Everyone would describe her as a sunshine, the smile that you need during challenging days, the “ama de la casa” and her house is the coworking. Without any doubt, the biggest heart you’ll ever meet in your life, her generosity and her presence might be the thing you need in your life. Mom of two or maybe three because she also considers her coworking as her child, she is a vibrant, funny and very-open minded spirit who sparkles your workplace with so much love that you would feel as cozy as in your own place.

Renzo DepotLab

Renzo Van Dijk

Founder / Space Director

Renzo comes from the Netherlands. Yes we know, it doesn’t sound so good when you start a sentence like that but, you’ll be surprised to witness how an expatriate Dutchy could behave in a city like Barcelona. He just turned 50 and we can easily see it by the length of his beard but he still conserves a young, creative & innovative spirit which is a delight to have next to you on a daily basis. He also dj’s when he has time, always ready to drop a bass or a smile to illumine instantly your feelings.

Tereza DepotLab

Tereza Szabova

Space /community manager

Tereza is a sweetheart coming from Central Europe – Czech Republic. She has always been in the startup ecosystem throughout her traveling journey. That might be why she loves connecting with people from all walks of her life. Her positivity and energy is astonishing: you can’t feel down next to her. She takes care of the coworking as if it was her own and feeling her presence between those walls just give you a big smile on your grumpy monday morning face.  Interesting facts: She is a Gemini so you can see her partying all night and then doing yoga and reading a book on her own in a forest.

Tom DepotLab

Tom Bouin


Tom is coming from Brittany, in France, which makes him a bit arrogant but still a lovely person … He is still pretty young & haven’t traveled the world but he loves being surrounded by international people in a cozy and open-minded environment. He has an optimistic point of view about life and an ability to connect to people without a hidden-agenda. He has something called FOMO so, just like Tereza, you’d find him partying all night and working all day but unlike her, books are not his cup of tea. Cooking, Yoga & Disco Sundays are more of his things. Always ready to help others, he’s looking forward to help you organize a wondrous event!