Make entrepreneurship an

achievable dream for anyone.

Depotlab Academy

An academy based on sharing skills, knowledge, and talent by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Our initiatives include LABTALKs by CEOs, workshops, mentorships, courses, corporate training, and conferences.


We aim to foster a new wave of innovators and entrepreneurs by facilitating skill development
and the transfer of knowledge. The Academy encourages lifelong learning, technological fluency,
and personal management, as well as adds value to corporates by customizing
training programs for their respective companies.


To be the e-learning masterclass platform for entrepreneurs.

For entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs

An academy based on sharing skills, knowledge, and talent for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

The curriculum will cultivate a culture of consciousness and purpose in which our students are aware of the social, environmental, and political impacts of their business.

Depotlab Academy
Depot Lab Academy

Learning by doing

Founded on the idea of “learning by doing,” the Academy is based on both
online & offline initiatives.
These include LABTALKs by CEOs, workshops,
webinars, mentorships, short & long-term courses, corporate training,
conferences, and more.

Who we’ve worked with…

Simone Reichert Depotlab Academy

Simone Reichert

Talent Manager & Developer

Hosted: Workshop on ‘Boost your productivity’

Dóra Irányi

Leadership & Success Expert

Hosted: Workshop on “How to Be a Conscious Leader”

Irene Compte DepotLab Academy

Irene Compte Lobera

Public Speaking & Business Growth

Hosted: Workshop on ‘Public Speaking’

Kasia Olszko Depotlab Academy

Kasia Olszko

Mindfulness & Awareness Coach

Hosted: Workshop on ‘Mindful Communication’

Depotlab Academy

Ahlem Mahroua

Founder of beehype agency

Hosted: Workshop on ‘Remote work like a boss’

Sancar Sahin Depotlab Academy

Sancar Sahin​

Director of Marketing at

Hosted: Workshop on ‘Brand Storytelling’